The Book Collections named after Arturo Genre and Teofilo G. Pons include the works of the two researchers in occitan language and local culture, born in the Germanasca Valley.

Teofilo G. Pons (1895-1991), born in Massello, in the Germanasca Valley, was in the Alpine corps during the World War One; he finished his university studies in Naples and Milan, taking a degree at the Brera Academy in 1923. He devoted all his life to teaching literary subjects; he won headmaster at Waldensian Ginnasio-Liceo of Torre Pellice, until he retired, in 1962.

(From: Teofilo G. Pons, Arturo Genre, Dizionario del dialetto occitano della Val Germanasca, Edizioni dell'Orso, 1997).)

His most important works are: Vita montanara e folklore nelle Valli valdesi (1978), Vita montanara e tradizioni popolari alpine (1979) and the Dizionario del dialetto valdese della Val Germanasca (1973), subsequently integrated by Arturo Genre.

The Collection Teofilo G. Pons includes more than 500 titles, published in different local magazines, L'eco delle Valli Valdesi and Il Pellice in particular, but also in Bollettino della Società di Studi Valdesi, from 1925.