History: "Scuola Latina"

The "Scuola Latina" is the heir of the old "École générale" of the XVII century, which gave the elementary basis of classical culture to the Waldensian students willing to continue their studies abroad after primary school. In fact, because of their religion, they were not allowed to attend the schools of the Savoy Kingdom. The name "Scuola Latina" began to appear towards the end of the XVIII century.

The first seat was a very small flat located in the centre of the village, the still existing house of the Waldensian Board Moderator Rodolfo Peyran. It was closed in 1931 because of financial difficulties, lack of both students and teachers. It was reopened in 1945 and went on working for over forty years as "Scuola Media inferiore Parificata". The school was open to all without considering their religion. It stopped its activity in 1986 when the compulsory public school was well-established and its task had come to an end.

Because of its past essential educational function and the historical value of the building ?dated 1865 ?the school was restored for an use consistent with its old role of promoting learning. This restoration took place thanks to the contribution of the Waldensian Board, of the European Union, of the Region Piedmont and of the Province of Turin in addition to the Association own funds. The housewarming occurred in September 2006.

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