The Ferrero's Collection,

which found a proper arrangement in the permanent exibition "The old Crafts", is a small miniature world, where the activities of the inhabitants of the Germanasca Valley at the beginning of the last century are represented. An illustrated tale made by the author by means of more than 150 miniatures carved in box-wood..

A particular care was given to document the activities related to the mine industry, which saw generation of miners working in the local talc mines,

The models were arranged in nine thematic groups, according to and adapting the division made by the author.

  1. Carlo Ferrero
  2. Works on the fields
  3. Works on the meadows
  4. Cattle works
  5. Social life
  1. Works in the mine
  2. The great funicular
  3. Rocca Bianca
  4. The village of Poumarat
  5. Wood works
  1. Vineyard and wine works
  2. The crafts
  3. Housework
  4. The world of peace
  5. Education
The works on the field
- Soil preparation
- Wheat cultivation, harvesting and
- Potato cultivation, harvesting and
- Tool manufacturing and maintenance
The works on the meadow
- Grass harvesting and transportation
- Hay production, transportation and
- Tool manufacturing and maintenance
The cattle works
- Breeding
- Milk and its products (butter and cheese)
- Butchering and meat working
The wood works
- In the forest, cutting and preparation
- Transportation
- Firewood
- Building wood

The wine and vineyard works
- Soil tillage
- Vineyard cultivation and grape-picking
- Production and preservation
- The equipment
The works in the mine
- Mine structures
- Mining and transportation
The crafts
- The charcoal pile
- The mill
- The oven
- The carpenter
- The shoemaker
The Houseworks
- Food preparation
- Wool and clothes
- Sundry works
Social life
- The village
- Holidays and amusements

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