Language Counter


Using the opportunities offered by the Law n. 482 of 15.12.1999 for the protection of the historical language minorities, since March 2004 a Language Counter has been working with two different offices, the first at Scuola Latina and the second at the Cultural association La Valaddo. both depending on the central seat of Comunitá Montana del Pinerolese.

The Counter offers support to Pubblic Bodies (Boroughs, Parks and other Institutions) for translations, training and language advices, pormotes and enhances the minority languages, which for the Valleys Chisone and Germanasca are Occitan (in its Alpine Provençal version ) and French.

The activities and projects of the Counter takes advantage of the Patou?Library, which is a multimedia documentation centre name after Professor Arturo Genre.

Among the principal activities which take place at Scuola latina we underline:

  • Training classes concerning both Occitan and French, recently organised in joint work with the Language Counter of the Pellice Valley and with Waldensian Cultural Centre of Torre Pellice, which is in charge for the training projects.

  • An on-line Occitan course is available and it refers to the language spoken in Germanasca Valley; the spelling used is one based on the spelling of the Escolo dou Po.

  • The Language Minorities Day, which takes place on the last Saturday of September and is dedicated mainly to conferences, meetings and concerts;
  • Writing and Drama contests concerning the production of unpublished drama and literature works, in 2008;
  • Documentaries on traditional works in Germanasca Valley realized according to a Project of the Comunitá Montana Valli Chisone e Germanasca.
Index of the lessons:
1 Reading Patouá
2 The children
3 The family
4 Animals
5 The landscape
6 The weather
7 The house
The on-line Occitan course "The words of our places"

Opening Timetable of the Language Counter

(January 15th - December 15th)

Occitan Counter:

– Tuesday 14.30 - 18.30
– Thursday 09.00 - 13.00
French Counter:

– Wednesday 14.00 – 18.00
– Saturday 8.30 - 12.30


"Scuola Latina", via Balziglia, 103 - 10063 Pomaretto (To) - tel. 0121-803684

    •e-mail for the Occitan Counter:
    •e-mail for the French Counter:
    •e-mail for general information:

  – website:

On-line Occitan course:

    – website:

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